Top academic boarding schools

What Awaits You in a Two-Week Academic Summer Boarding School

Are you eager to experience the life that top academic boarding schools in the UK offer this summer, even if it’s for a while? Well, your dream can be answered if you choose to join Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS) this summer. They have a summer program that commences 4th¬†August. The opportunity is great for international students who want to have a taste of the academic life in the United Kingdom. The program is tailored to boost your English writing and communication skills.

What to Look Forward to

Other than having the opportunity to take up English classes, you can also take up Mathematics, Art, Business, and Psychology. The decision is all yours. In addition to the classes, the following features await you:

  • Multi-national platform:The academic environment at CCSS is tailored to accommodate students from all over the world. Their diversities are what make the summer school fun since you can interact and exchange ideas.
  • Superb teachers and learning facilities:The tutors are highly trained to give you exceptional knowledge in various disciplines. The classes are small-sized to guarantee a balanced student to tutor ratio. The teaching facilities are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The classes are also internet-enabled to facilitate easy research.
  • Excursions and fun activities:You can look forward to having fun by participating in sports and social engagement activities such as music and drama. There is also a 2-day field excursion organized by CCSS to conclude the two-week academic experience.
  • Ample accommodation: You don’t have to worry about your stay in Cambridge since the institution provides you with comfortable rooms and¬† communal areas.
  • There is so much that you can enjoy at top academic boarding schools in the UK. As the summer intake approaches, you should book a spot and get to experience something new academically and non-academically.