Put Future Movies to Watch in a Stone Journal

A lot of movies are getting made nowadays that it would be hard to keep track. As a result, it would be better to just write them all down so that you can download them when the time is right. Bark and Rock is a nice place to buy stone journals that have nice designs in such a way that you will feel motivated about writing things there. There are a few movies like Black Widow and Halloween that should be worth to watch over the next few years. Some are even in production and you will hear the rumors and you can write those movies down. It is possible you are going to miss the updates that come to your news feed and you will totally forget about them. When that happens, you know you should just look forward the Suicide Squad. That movie should be on the list too whether you were a fan of the first one or not. The first one got panned by critics but the truth is it was not that bad too so it deserved to have a sequel. Godzilla vs Kong looks like a sequel to Godzilla but it is a huge battle between two of cinema’s huge monsters. It will indeed be interesting to see who comes out on top. The special effects crew certainly had a tough task in doing what needs to be d0ne in order to make the effects look true to life. Those monsters were put together using the best in technology.

One move that you should put in your stone journal would be none other than the untitled Spider Man Far from Home sequel. Since we are surely done with Avengers and Iron Man movies for the time being, the same goes with Captain America. The focus would now shift to other Marvel characters like Spider Man, Thor, and Starlord. The DC Universe will not be outdone here as Justice League is slated for the release of its sequel this year. The first one had such huge stars and Wonder Woman already had her sequel come out this year and that was such a huge success that more things were seen to come for its director. One movie slated to come out this year is Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds and it is slated to have a different type of premise. Of course, not giving anything away but it also has Emmy award winner Jodie Comer in it and that is always good news. Can you believe the Matrix has a sequel 20 years after the original? What’s more, its starts don’t look like they aged one bit. Yes, all the movies we mentioned are worth putting in your stone journal as they will give you chills down your spine. You won’t even know if you would be able to watch them in cinemas as that would depend on the restrictions on where you live. Thankfully, you can stream them on the platform of your choice too.