Truffle Hunting Tours In Tuscany

You are planning to go on a truffle hunting tour in Tuscany this year and you aren’t sure what you should do to prepare. Tuscany is a must-visit location in Italy so your trip is sure to be a great one. In terms of preparation it all depends on the kind of tour that you have planned. You can choose to visit Tuscany alone or you can go on a group tour. Lone trips cost more and of course it will be up to you to plan your itinerary and find your way around. If, however, you go on a group tour you will have everything organized for you.
In terms of preparation make sure that you have transportation figured out before you arrive in Tuscany. There are some hotels that will pick you up once you arrive at the airport, but others require that you make it to the hotel by yourself. If you choose the latter then plan to pay for a taxi. You may also be required to organize your own transportation back to the hotel at the end of every day tour – a bus will drop you off at your destination for the day but afterwards you will need to take the train or a taxi. This shouldn’t worry you – there is plenty of public transportation in the area.
It helps if you can learn a bit about truffle hunting before your trip. You may know that they are a delicacy, but did you know that they are a fungus that attaches itself to the roots of certain trees? The best time to find truffles in Tuscany is about two weeks after it rains, so you may want to look at the weather forecast before you book your trip.
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