What Does a Ground Worker Do?

As the first-time owner of a large property in the UK you have been informed that you need a ground worker and you are wondering who they are and what they do. The easiest way to describe a ground worker is a lawn care man who works on a bigger scale. Your property is large so the area around it is larger than an ordinary lawn. It requires care, so instead of hiring someone to mow your lawn from time to time you will need a professional who will take care of grass, plant and care for flowers, take care of the trees, fish ponds and anything else that is on your grounds.
As you look around for a ground worker one thing you will find is that there are many of the especially around Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and East Northamptonshire. You shouldn’t hire just any – they are not all as good as they claim to be. One criterion that you can use is to ask several companies to give you references. They should provide you with at least 3 names of current clients. Make sure you call and enquire about the quality of services provided.
You should also find out how often the grounds care company will come to your home – your grounds need regular care so you should get more than the occasional visit. The best companies come up with a schedule and share it with you for you to approve.
Before you hire any grounds care company you should ask them to provide a quote. If they give you one before they have done a free inspection you shouldn’t hire them – how can they possibly know what your grounds need?
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