Virtual SAT Tutoring with Star Tutors

If you are a college-bound high school student or the parent of such an animal, you are likely familiar with the SAT exam used by colleges to evaluate student readiness and fit for their programs and make admissions decisions. You are also probably aware that there is a second, competing entrance exam, the ACT, accepted by most universities. There are many articles available online that outline the differences between the two exams and weigh the relative merits of each so that students can decide which one is right for them. However, let’s assume you’ve selected the SAT, and you are exploring how best to prepare for the big day.

Wading through the options

Practice exams abound online and they are a foundational way of preparing for the SAT, but many students benefit from a greater degree of guidance. There are psychological dimensions that underpin testing well in addition to the muscle memory of practicing types of questions, And, confidence-building is a dynamic process, a process where interacting with other people and receiving live feedback is invaluable. But tutoring can come with a hefty price tag, and cost can be a significant deterrent for students already daunted by the many application fees associated with applying to multiple universities.

Virtual SAT Tutoring

Luckily, it turns out that the Internet has many uses beyond just checking social media and streaming humorous videos. Virtual SAT tutoring is a low-cost but highly efficacious way to marry initial student assessment and practice tests with test-taking strategy and live instruction. What’s more, through the virtual classroom experience test preparation feels communal and questions can be answered instantly by a small army of virtual teaching assistants. This creates the critical dynamic feedback loop that elevates comprehension and cultivates confidence.

We all know that there are different kinds of learning styles. Some people are visual learners, some process information through listening, some are kinesthetic learners, and most people are a combination of all three. This is why multi-media instruction works so well and virtual SAT tutoring checks all of the boxes. Future test takers can listen to explanations while watching visual illustrations and then practice and cement their understanding through the hands-on process of taking a follow-up test, which will also measure performance against the original assessment.

Star Tutors

Star Tutors is an innovative online platform that offers several different virtual SAT tutoring packages to fit the timeline, existing academic commitments, and budget of busy high school students, creating space for participants to live in the present while preparing for the future.