Timber Sliding Sash Window

Sliding sash window refers to windows opened by sliding horizontally or vertically. They appear elegantly fitted in buildings across the globe.They have movable panels that allow you to open your window easily freely.
Modern technologies have improved traditional sash windows. You will commonly see them fitted on recently build homes either to give them an elegance classy look or to just conform to the new trends.
Sliding sash window features
Traditional sliding sash window
Most builders designed sash window from hardwood. Traditional wooden sliding sash windows had weight pulleys, cord and weight box to provide a balance between the top and the lower part of the sash window.
Modern timber sliding sash windows
Today constructs use modernized and modified pulleys to counterbalance the weight of timber sliding sash window. They use spring balance pulleys concealed within the frames to achieve flush reveal. Many architects prefer double spring balance in designing sash windows because of its benefits when compared to traditional pulleys, cords and weight box.
Builders recently developed a new version of timber sliding window known as super tilt-sliding sash window .it allows you to clean your sash windows by tilting inwards easily.
Benefits of timber sliding sash windows
1.    Ensures you are safe and secure.
Designers of sliding sash window incorporate safety features like locks and bars which will make you feel safe
2.    Low maintenance cost.
Timber sliding sash windows have a lifespan of up to 100 years; you will only need a smaller amount to maintain it mostly for cleaning and to furnish it with new paints.
3.    Functional benefits
Builders designed sliding sash window in a manner that makes it easy to operate. You don’t need to apply more energy to open your window.
As I conclude, timber sliding sash window offers the most effective alternative for naturally ventilating your house. It is long lasting and cheap to maintain. Consider timber sliding window for a better life. Sources:http://www.salmonbros.co.uk/