Star tutors offers act private tutoring

Many colleges receive a large number of applications for admission and are using the ACT score as one of the criteria to decide which students will be admitted to the college. Hence students would like to maximize their ACT score so that they can get admission to the college of their choice. While there are many tutors offering classroom coaching and virtual coaching, some students are interested in finding act private tutoring near me for a number of reasons. In addition to virtual coaching and in classroom coaching for students in the Los Angeles area, Star Tutors also offers private tuitions for students.

One of the main reasons why personalized coaching is preferred is because each student is different, their proficiency in each subject will differ. ACT tests each student in four different subjects reading, writing, math and science. Some students may do well in math and require coaching in other subjects to improve their score. In a classroom, the teacher will focus on all the subjects equally and is unable to give each student, personalized attention. On the other hand, the tutor will evaluate the student, to determine the subjects where he requires coaching and focus on the subjects where he requires improvement.

If a student is already having excellent scores in a particular subject, coaching him further will not result in any additional improvement. However, if a student has low scores in some subjects, personalized coaching can help to improve the scores greatly. The tutor can spend more time, teaching the student the subjects in which he requires help, explaining the concepts involved, so that the student understands the subject better and the test score will improve. The tutor will also be able to schedule the coaching based on the requirement of the student, based on time available.

Additionally the student will also be given homework in the specific subjects where he is not scoring well, so that he gets practice in the subjects and is able to increase his scores. In some cases, the student may not be personally interact with the tutor due to personal reasons. In these case, the Star mobile app is also provided so that the student can interact with the tutor remotely. This app allows the tutor to use a whiteboard and videos to teach the student and explain the topics. So though private tutoring may be expensive, it will help students who require personalized attention.