Science Writing and Academic Writing

Academics have to be very skilled at writing, but they will tend to write in a way that is very specific. Academic writing requires a lot of citations, because accuracy is everything in that field. People also will have to set certain priorities when it comes to academic writing. It is possible to make academic writing entertaining, but it will never be as entertaining as some forms of marketing copy.
People can’t make academic writing more entertaining if it means making it less accurate, which means that people will have to make some sacrifices along the way. Some people will struggle when it comes to reading academic writing for this reason. It might be unfamiliar to them. If they don’t know many of the terms that are used under those circumstances, they will have a hard time getting through a specific academic paper, even if it was written with clarity in mind. Academic writers are writing for academics, and even if other people will read their papers, those people will not be members of the intended audience.
Marketers will have to get the attention of people who are outside the academic community in order to promote scientific research, at least in many cases. It’s often difficult for people to know how accurate they’re supposed to be in writing that partly functions as marketing copy, but it is possible to make this sort of writing entertaining. Lots of people will have a difficult time with doing both, but there are plenty of talented writers who can make it happen, and they can produce that sort of writing very quickly in a lot of cases. Marketing agencies will hire a lot of people like this, and they can help a lot of researchers make progress using a different sort of writing.