Benefits of Doing Freelance PR Work

When you are sick and tired of working in a corporate setting, there is an option to quit your job and do freelance. It is more convenient since you won’t have a superior to report to. Also, there won’t be a need to wake up early just to avoid getting late. There won’t even be a need to dress up in a formal attire anymore. You can work anywhere you please and anywhere you want. The challenge here is getting clients though as there are too many people who do freelance pr work. You are going to have to convince some brands to deal with you. Since you are not a big company, you can afford to give them an affordable rate compared to PR companies. That would make them think of hiring you since they would basically be getting the same thing from someone who does freelance PR work and a PR company for different rates. You have to think those companies would want cheaper options since they have a lot of other things to spend on. Speaking of being freelance, there is no need to worry about the rush hour traffic. The fact that you have to fall in line for several hours just to get in the train sounds terribly exhausting. You can say goodbye to that even though you need to attend client meetings every now and then. Of course, you have the option to schedule it whenever you please.

When you are working in a company, you have no choice but to deal with their clients. The same won’t hold true when you are doing freelance PR work as you get to choose the clients you are going to deal with. Thus, when you know a company is a pain to deal with then you don’t have to deal with them. Also, you will need to pay for your own government benefits if you are doing freelance. It is one of those disadvantages but you are just going to have to get used to it. Besides, those things are important when you no longer want to have anything to do with the corporate world. It is going to feel bad when somebody refers to you as a corporate slave. It also feels great to become the PR of a brand because you would want to take credit for their success. If the brand likes what you are doing then they may hire you again for their future events. It is important to have a lot of connections in this industry though as you will need to tap people who are active on Facebook and Instagram. When you do, make sure to establish long-term relationships with them as a PR professional because you are going to need them when the client demands certain requirements. There are times when the client will demand Instagram people with tons of followers and there are instances when they would demand bloggers. You never know what they want but it is important to please them.