Tape liner is used extensively for crafting

For a large number of crafting and other applications a double sided tape is required since it is the most convenient way of sticking items together. In this case, the buyer is interested in finding a suitable tape liner. While there are a large number of companies selling tape liner, the tapes differ in their quality, design and pricing. Some of the factors which should be considered while purchasing tape like features of the tape, quantity of tape, quality and pricing are discussed, so that the tape buyer can get the best deal


One of the main considerations while purchasing any tape is how sticky it is. Often some tapes are not very sticky, and the tape will come off after some time. Hence it is advisable to check the stickiness of the tape and only purchase very sticky tape with a strong adhesive, with acrylic preferred. Double sided tape is preferred for many applications Many people require clear tape, so that the design or information below the tape is visible. The tape should be flexible so that it can be used on materials of all shapes easily and will adhere properly. Often the material on which tape is applied becomes wet, so it is advisable to purchase tape which is water proof. In some cases, the material may also be heated, so the tape should be heat resistant and not come off when the material is hot.

One of the main considerations while purchasing the tape is the materials to which the tape will adhere to. Better tape liners will stick to most materials like

  • card stock, cardboard
  • all types of fabrics
  • wood
  • metal
  • PVC and other types of plastic
  • glass

Ideally the tape should also not have acid, since acid can damage the material to which the tape is applied.

The tapes are available in different sizes like 3 mm,6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm to cater to the requirement of the customers.


Tape liner is used extensively for making craft items, especially for making acetate cards and layers for cards . Die cutting the cards can help in creating cards with glitter and 3D effects. There are a large number of craft and art videos available which provide instruction on making 3D cards using tape liner. Some people are using the tape for making boxes and mats Additionally the liner tape is used extensively for packaging items and gift wrapping.


Users who are using the ahoy tape liner for the first time can order a single tape of the size which they want to check the quality of the tape.However the price for one tape is usually higher, since shipping costs have to be considered. Hence most regular users, will prefer to order a bundle or bucket of tapes which include a combination of the tapes of different sizes. Usually there are more tapes of the smaller size, 3 mm and 6 mm in the bundle since they are used often, and only one tape of the larger size, 9 mm and 12 mm which are used less frequently.