Cambridge Joinery

You have just been told that the project in your home needs a joiner and you are rather confused – since it is all woodwork you had assumed that you will need the skills of an experienced carpenter. What is the difference between a carpenter and a joiner? It is important to know what each does so that you can know which one is best to hire for your project. Both carpenters and joiners work on wood but the difference between them is the scale of the projects that they undertake as well as where they work.
A carpenter works on a much larger scale than a joiner – you will find them doing woodwork on construction sites. A joiner, on the other hand, is the person you hire when you want to do smaller projects inside your home. They can do work like install doors and windows, they do stairs, they are the ones who install wardrobes and cabinets as well as other types of woodwork in the home.
Just because someone identifies themselves as a Cambridge joinery expert doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right for the task at hand. You ought to find out how experienced they are before you hire them. You should ask them to show you samples of projects that they have done in the past that are similar to yours. They should also put you in touch with some of their current clients so that you can find out whether they deliver a quality service.
A good joiner will provide all materials that are needed for the job, but you should check to make sure that they are of high quality. They should also provide you with a written guarantee in case their work doesn’t hold as promised.
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Builder Cambridge

One of the most expensive projects you will ever undertake in your Cambridge home is a remodel. How much you will spend will depend on the extent of rebuilding that you want to do, but many homeowners choose to update all areas of the home especially if they are looking to sell. Choosing the right builder can make the difference – you may have all sorts of lofty ideas for your remodel, but if you are working with the wrong subcontractor you can be sure that things will go wrong along the way.
You may think that you have done your homework when it comes to the builder you have in mind – you have confirmed that they are licensed, you have made sure that they have experience and you have even looked at their background for complaints. While these are all important, you need to do more if you want your remodel to go without a hitch.
One of the things you need to look into is how easy it is to deal with the contractor that you have in mind. Who will show up to do the work – is it the person that you talked to, or will he send his employees? The best building companies make sure that the person who brings in a client oversees the project until it is complete.
You should also look into how long they will take to get the work done. One of the most common complaints amongst homeowners who are doing remodels is that the project took much longer than they expected.
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