Etching a Brass Plate

Do you want to etch a brass plate? If so, you are in the right place. Etching a brass plate is not hard when you know what you are doing. This will allow you to truly get what you want when it comes to taking your artworks to a new level down the line too.
We will let you know how to deal with any etching brass plate out there. You will be manufacturing these brass plates in no time flat so you can truly get what you want. Taking your artworks to the next level is easy with this article too.
Prepare Artwork
You have to get your artwork prepared. You have to print to the right size onto your OHP acetate. You can use a laser printer to do that right away.
In this step, you will be preparing the plate right away too. You need to cut the plate down right to its correct size.
You have to lineup the mask as soon as you can too. Align your plate with your artwork as soon as possible too. You have to do this on the OHP film.
Toner Transfer
You need to place the acetate/brass sandwich right on a heatproof surface and heat up your iron in no time flat too. The iron should be as hot as it should go at all times too. But you should avoid any sort of steam at all too.
Finish the Mask
You have to finish and check the mark in this step too.
This is the time to etch. Put on your goggles and gloves right now so you can start to do something good.
Etched Plate
Remember that we are not done yet. Get rid of the plate from your etchant when you are happy with the results that you get.
Disposing of Etchant Solution
You can also keep your etchant right for the next plate that you will do too. Do not put the etchant just down the drain because you have to dispose of it in a sensible fashion.
You need to pain the plate as soon as you can too. You need to dry and clean right now because this is the name of the game in this phase.
Finish Off
Go to the sanding block and use a Wet&Dry paper to truly wrap it around. Go to the surface of the plate to sand it down.
We have laid out the steps that you need to take for etching a brass plate. As you can see, these steps are truly easy to follow. You can use them right away if you want to take your artworks to a new level. From preparing your artwork to finishing off, we told you what you had to do too.
Remember that you need to do both prepare the artwork and prepare the plate as soon as possible. This will allow you to get what you need down the road too. We have also told you what to do with a toner transfer and the mask so you can get the results you want too.

How to Monitor Breathing

As an athlete in the early stages of training you have decided to keep track of your vitals. They are important – they tell you how well your body is doing and how it is adapting to the rigors that you are putting it through. One of the things that you want to monitor is your breathing. Breathing rate is important because it tells you not just how hard you are working your heart, but how hard you are working your muscles too. The harder you breathe the more oxygen you send to your muscles which translates into bigger and stronger musculature over time.
Keeping track of your breathing is not as easy as buying a device. You need to know how to collect the data so that over time you can form a picture that informs you about your health. When you shop for a device you should be looking for one that just monitor how many times you breathe in and out – it should show you overall body performance and improvement in a given period.
The best way to monitor your breathing is to do it both when you are active and inactive. You can start by wearing your device as you sleep so that you can see how many times you breathe in and out when you are at rest. You can then look at how you breathe when you go about regular tasks about the home, when you are shopping, when you are at work and so on. This data will provide a valuable baseline to compare with the breathing data that you collect when you are working out.
Equivital can provide you with one of the best breathe monitoring devices in the market. You can see what they have to offer on their website,

Air source heat pump Installers Norfolk

It has taken you months to source the right air source heat pump for your Norfolk home and now that you have it you want to find an installer who will do a good job. There are many companies that advertise themselves as air source heat pump installers but when you look closely at the services that they offer you may find them lacking. No doubt your air source heat pump cost you quite a bit, so it only makes sense that you find an installer who can set it up and get it to work properly for years to come. Before you hire ask the following questions:
How long have you been in business? – this can be telling. A good installer will likely have been in business for at least 10 years. They will have done many jobs in that time that will furnish them with the necessary expertise to handle many different kinds of air source heat pump systems.
Do you have an office that I can visit? – today, when so many services can be found on the internet homeowners sometimes hire installers without finding out whether they have an actual office that they can visit. It is only when things go wrong that they discover that they have no way of tracking down the installer. Before you hire anyone to work in your home make sure you know where their office it – be wary of those who move locations often as they could be running from something.
What happens if you are not able to do my installation properly? – it is important to get the answer to this question in writing. Installations go wrong and if it happens to you you would like the problem to be fixed or to get your money back.

How To Use A Heart Monitor For Maximal Health Benefits


If you are looking to improve your health then you need to greatly consider getting a heart monitor. A heart monitor can help you with a number of things. This ranges from just taking a simple heart rate to analyzing complex patterns with your hearts intrinsic activity. The use of this information can help to do a number of things including simple maintenance, diagnosis of diseases, and prevention of diseases. While these are greatly beneficial to health, few people use them the right way. This is usually not an issue of compliance, but an issue of a lack of education on how to properly use a heart monitor for maximal health benefits. To ensure maximum effectiveness please refer to the simple steps below that will provide long-term health benefits and potentially life-saving information.

Steps For Proper Heart Monitor Use

  • Learn Proper Placements
  • Monitor For Abnormalities
  • Determine Appropriate Response To Findings

Step #1 – Learn Proper Placements

The first and most important step is to learn the proper placements of the electrodes or the sensor. This will ensure that the data is highly accurate and reliable. Without proper placement, you will not be able to gather any information about what is actually going on internally. This applies to both finger sensors and things as complex as ECG sensors that use chest electrodes to gather very detailed information.

Step #2 – Monitor For Abnormalities

Once you have figured out how to operate your heart monitor you need to learn how to read the information for abnormalities. The first thing that usually indicates heart abnormality is a drastic change in heart rate or in the blood oxygen levels. When heart rate goes above 140 beats per minute or the partial pressure of oxygen drops below 92%, then you should think an abnormality is going on.

Step #3 – Determine Appropriate Response To Findings

Once you have determined that there is cause to think there is an abnormality, the next step is to asses the situation to be able to enact the appropriate response. Sometimes things are very simple and all you have to do is adjust something at home. Other times things can be serious enough to require emergency medical care. Either way, the use of this greatly impact health in a positive way. By using these steps you will be able to get full use out of your heart monitor for maximal health benefits.