SAT Tutor Price per Hour

As you look around for an SAT tutor one of the things on your mind will be the cost of tutoring per hour. This is normal – at this stage of their lives many young people are thinking about college fees and they are trying their best to help their families save money. The fact is there no fixed SAT tutor price per hour – it is one of those things where the seller is allowed to determine their own price and if the buyer is happy they can go ahead and make a deal.
That said, the average cost of SAT tutoring is usually about $70 an hour. You will however find that it can go as low as $45 and as high as $100. The type of tutor you hire will make a difference in how much you pay. If, for example you hire a tutor who is attached to an institution you are likely to pay upwards of $100 but if you hire your neighbor who is in college they may charge you lower rates.
When it comes to SAT tutoring it is important not to focus so much on the cost of the classes as the quality of the tutoring. You may find that a tutor is very expensive but if they are able to help all their students pass you are basically getting a guarantee that for your money you will be able to get into the college of your choice. The important thing to do is make sure that you hire a tutor who has exactly what you are looking for.
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