Reproofing Spray

Items like foul weather clothing, raincoats, woollen coats, hats, breathable jackets, fleeces, tweeds, synthetics, tents and footwear usually come with a layer of waterproofing, but with time it wears off and they become leaky. You don’t have to throw them out – you can reinforce them and make them as good as new using reproofing spray. There are many brands of reproofing spray available in the market, but you should be careful because not all of them are as good as they claim to be.

To start with, make sure that they really seal items from water – some of them don’t. In addition to that the layer should last quite a while. It is true that there is no reproofing spay available yet that can seal items for good, but there are some brands that last only a few days, while others last longer. You obviously want those that last longer.

Toxicity is also a concern when it comes to reproofing spray. Many items that can be reproofed come in close contact with the skin and if they contain dangerous chemicals they can lead to reactions. It is therefore important that you check the label – it should be marked non-toxic. You should also make sure that the spray doesn’t leave behind a chemical smell.

The reproofing process itself is simple. You need to make sure that the item is clean first – you don’t want to seal in any dirt. It should also be dry. Lay it flat on a piece of cardboard and then with the can about eight inches away spray every inch, making sure to overlap each pass so that you cover it all. Leave it to dry for four hours and repeat and then let it set for 24 hours.

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