Mixed Boarding Schools

You want your child to go off to boarding school in a few months, and one of the decisions you have to make is whether it should be a mixed school or a single education one. The debate about coeducational schooling has been going on for a long time, and the truth is there are pros and cons to both types of schooling. It is up to you to look at your particular circumstances and decide which one is better for your child.
One of the main advantages of single education schools is that children avoid all the distractions that can be caused by the opposite sex. All children will eventually become teenagers, and they will become interested in the opposite sex. Some become so engrossed that they ignore their studies. If your child is easily distracted then a coeducational school is not a good idea – they will do better in a single education school. Some research has also suggested that children who attend schools where they don’t have to mix with the opposite sex tend to do better in sixth form. Another advantage of coeducational schooling is that it prepares your child for university where they will be mixing freely with the opposite sex.
The main drawback of single educational schools is that children who attend them tend to be a little sexually immature and even naive when they get to university and this can cause them to overindulge. Whether your child will attend a coeducational school or a single educational one is completely up to you. If they are approaching their teenage years you can involve them in the decision.
One of the best coeducational schools to enrol your child in is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – they have an excellent curriculum and strict discipline to ensure that your child excels. You can find out more on https://www.ccss.co.uk/.