Folding Stage Platforms

Folding stage platforms are an important part of every music event. As one who is tasked with organizing one such event one of the things you need to do is find a company that can supply you with a stage with minimum hassle. Begin by deciding whether you want to buy or hire a stage – if you will have performances often it is best to buy but if you are having a one-off event you should hire a folding stage.

Next, you have to find a stage company that you can work with. Come up with a shortlist of companies that are near you – you don’t want to transport a stage from many miles away as it will cost you money. Once you have a shortlist it is time for you to look into the companies one by one. Start by reading online reviews – what do others who have worked with them have to say? If you find a company that has more than 2 or 3 negative review you should strike it off your list.

Next, look into the kinds of folding stage platforms that each company has to offer. Are they made of the right material? Can they support the approximate weight that will be on it? Do they have stairs? Are they tiered for seating? Are they high enough for your performance? What accessories are available? If you are not very familiar with folding stages all these details may be a bit confusing so you should find someone who is to guide you. Good folding stage vendors are always happy to provide advice.

One such company is RatStands. Based in Witham, United Kingdom, they have a large variety of folding stage platforms that you can choose from as well as all the necessary accessories.