Boarding Schools

You have been thinking about taking your child to boarding school but are not sure where to start or even whether it is a good idea. Many parents worry about sending their young children away for weeks at a time and this is completely normal – if your child has lived at home their whole lives it is understandable that you will have some anxiety at the prospect of them going away. This shouldn’t stop you from making the right choices. Your child will be fine so long as you choose the right boarding school.
For most parent the most important consideration when they are choosing any school is whether or not the school does well in national examinations. While this is very important it should not be your guiding principle. There are many schools where students ‘perform exceptionally well but are subjected to lots of stress and poor treatment by teachers and others in the school. Your foremost consideration should be whether your child will be comfortable in the school that you choose for them.
Bullying is of particular concern in boarding schools. If your child gets bullied when they¬† are away from home you may never find out unless they talk to you about it. You should be open with your child and encourage communication so that if they are getting bullied they can talk to you about it. Also, look into the background of the school. Find out whether they have had incidents of bullying and how they have been dealt with. If your child tells you that they are getting bullied, or if you notice a change ‘in behavior you should take it seriously.
CCSS is one of the best boarding schools in Cambridge – children are properly supervised and they learn at a relaxed pace. It also has a great academic track record.