6th Form Colleges Near Me

You have been looking at 6th form colleges near you because although you would like to get into a private school for your 6th form you don’t really want to be a boarder. Some young people just don’t feel right staying away from home. They are worried that they will get homesick, or they have responsibilities at home that they have to check on every few days. The benefit of going to a sixth form college – even a day one – is that you will benefit from their advanced curriculum and experienced teachers. However, you should be careful to choose a school near you because you will need to spend time on a commute and you want to minimize that as much as possible.
So, how can you find a good sixth form college that is near you? You can start by talking to some of your teachers. They are no doubt aware of some schools that are very good that aren’t too far from where you are. You will get a few recommendations. Take the time to research them so that you can find out what each school on your list has to offer.
You should look at some areas very keenly. Check the historical performance of the school – do they send a majority of their students to good universities every year? How many of their students get A’s, B’s and so on? You should also look into the faculty. The best 6th form colleges take the time to search for the most experienced and highly trained teachers.
If you live in Cambridge one college that comes highly recommended is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. Enrolling there will help you boost your grades significantly. You can find out more on https://www.ccss.co.uk/.