The Cost of Treatment by Richmond Doctors

Whenever you are thinking of seeking medical aid, the first thong that often comes in mind is how much it will cost you. Just as there numerous medical issues that you may wish to have addressed, the cost of each of these will vary. It is important therefore that you put in mind this fact.

While paying for any physician fee, there are some things that you need to consider. Things like the experience of the doctor, the procedure that you will be undergoing, the place where the treatment will be taking place; at the GPs office or with a specialist and the cost of the medication in use. All these things are important and so it is useful for you to take note of them.

Often, many adverts that you come across where doctors Richmond advertise for their services will include some service fees. Some of these are enticing and if you are not keen you may end up making an appointment blindly. This is because some of these adverts put only partial of the service fee charged and once you visit them; you find it a bit higher. It is advisable that you inquire for your Richmond doctor what is included in the service fee before you can commence the treatment plan.

At Roseneath, they are dedicated to ensuring that they offer transparent charges to their customers. They ensure that all their service fees are clearly explained to their customers to avoid an instance where there is a misunderstanding with the customers. They offer their patients with services that are confidential, and they follow an ethical and medical code of conduct and practice. Their main aim is to empower each patient achieve their maximum health and to offer preventive measures rather than treat disease wherever patients may find themselves on their health journey.

Below is a guide to some of their most commonly performed procedures. This is a guide as each patient has their precise needs of each patient do vary.

New Patient Consultation FREE
Consultation From £75
Fertility Consultation £100
Fertility Consultation (couple) £150
Home visit (excl travel costs) £150
Well Woman Assessment £240
Well Man Assessment £250
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Test £55
Lung Function (Spirometry) Test £55
Essential Health Assessment £250
Comprehensive Health Assessment £380

Depending on whatever kind of service that you desire, the cost will vary. It is important that you make an appointment with the general practitioners in Richmond here so that they can offer you with the complete guide.